Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions from basements to backyards!

Home ownership can be challenging, especially when faced with water issues.

It has been said that you can't control where water goes, but you can manage it. InsideOut Drainage Solution’s team has decades of experience in properly managing the flow of water on and around your property, and in and around your home. Fixing a leaking basement wall isn't any help if the issue stems from a water problem outside the home, which is left unaddressed.

Our team has extensive knowledge in drainage solutions, landscaping, excavation and property maintenance. We're happy to provide a no-obligation quote upon request, keeping your home and property dry.


outdoor weeping tile system

Water pooling or collecting on your basement floor is a good indication your weeping tile system needs to be replaced. Learn more about how InsideOut can help.

foundation crack sealing

Do you have a crack in your foundation wall allowing unwanted water into your home? InsideOut has the experience and quality materials to stop the leak.

basement waterproofing
Waterproofing your foundation is one of the best defenses against a wet basement. Find out how Insideout can assist.
french drain

Wet areas in your yard preventing you from enjoying your outdoor space? A French drain may be the solution. Read more to find out how.

interceptor drain
Interceptor drains are a good way to collect and redirect water before it has an opportunity to reach your home or particular area. Learn how an interceptor drain can prevent water from becoming an issue.
interceptor drain
Do you have water collecting in a paved, concrete or gravel area that needs to be dispersed? Read more on how a box drain could work for you.
ditches and culverts for water drainage

InsideOut can install a new culvert or ditch as well as provide maintenance on existing ditches. Learn more on the services we offer.

land swale
When water pools in your yard, reshaping the land or creating a swale can be the best solution. See how InsideOut can solve your water problem.
Landscaping project in Halifax, NS
Our sister company Construx Landscaping + Excavation Ltd provides landscaping services such as retaining walls, paver patios, topsoil, sod, excavation and so much more.