What our clients say

I would like to thank InsideOut Drainage Solutions for the great work that they did during this past year. I was having some worries about drainage in my backyard and around my garage. As spring approaches and already dealing with run off the drainage system is working extremely well.

The work that was completed by Randy and his crew has saved me some costly repairs to my garage if this work was not completed properly. Thanks again!

Larry Mercer

In 2018 I hired Randy and his great group of workers at InsideOut to excavate my basement walls, waterproof them and install proper drainage at my home in Dartmouth.

They did exactly what I requested, on time, within budget and with great communication. I am very pleased with the work done and happy to report that my basement remains perfectly dry 2 years later.

Jim Pinchin

We had some very serious flooding and drainage issues, I mean major flooding from unexpected parts of the house. We contacted Randy and he gave us a matter of fact rundown and description of what InsideOut could do for us.

Randy and his team were on-site the day they promised and completed the project in the time promised and on budget. We had a small issue arise at the next major rain storm and they fixed it immediately. When they were done the work, and it was major work with excavated ditches and trenches and concrete work and piping, all we needed to do was plant some grass on the lawn. The InsideOut team was efficient, safe and made sure the results met our expectations completely.

We can't say enough about the professionalism, energy, and value for the work the InsideOut team did. We have not had a single drainage issue since the work was done and that includes getting through Hurricane Dorian without a drop of water in the basement! We highly recommend Randy and the InsideOut team for your drainage work.

Doug L & Mary H