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When water pools in a certain area sometimes the best way to deal with it is by reshaping the land or creating a swale.

Land shaping is a simple solution and is used to divert water by changing where high and low points of the property are located, allowing water to drain naturally.

What is a swale drain

A swale drain is a man made valley created by shaping the landscape and is used to direct water flow. While a swale drain functions similar to a ditch, it is formed with only a gentle slope, versus an aggressive slope as in a ditch.

What does a swale look like

A swale is a valley used to direct water, similar to a ditch. It involves reshaping your landscape to achieve the shape of a valley, also described as a gentle ditch. A swale uses gentle sloping of its two sides to allow water to flow as directed to another location on your property. You often see a swale drain employed in urban areas between two properties. In this instance, the swale assists in keeping the homes and the landscape dry of downspout run off and surface water run off by transporting it away from the houses. talk to the experts at InsideOut to determine if a swale drain is the right solution for your water problem.

How to build a swale for drainage

To create a swale drain there are a few things to consider such as the location and position of the swale. The location is determined based on where the water is collecting and where you want it to flow. A swale drain works using gravity so proper location and positioning ensures target slope is achieved. Excavation of the swale drain area may be required to achieve proper sloping and involves removing excavated material. Adding material (fill/top soil) may be needed to build up the swale drain area in order to create the desired slope. A swale can be used in conjunction with a French drain or and interceptor drain, directing the water flow on your property.

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