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An interceptor drain is much like a French drain in its construction.

It is comprised of rocks and pipe and its purpose is to catch or ‘intercept’ water before it has a chance to reach a certain location. These drains are widely used around septic fields to keep the septic system from being saturated by surface and ground water.
These drains require maintenance ensuring the gravel remains clear and free from contaminates which can clog the system. When an interceptor drain is plugged it is no longer working as it is designed to do and requires replacement.
InsideOut will remove the failed drainage products and install fresh new gravel and pipe enabling the drain to work as intended.

Interceptor drain design

An interceptor drain is called such as it is strategically placed in an effort to intercept water from a particular area and redirect it elsewhere to another location. An interceptor drain is designed to use gravity to enable the flow of water. It can be constructed the same as a French drain with geotextile fabric, drainage stone and drainage pipe or as simple as a ditch on your property. It can also be constructed as a box drain which is designed for paved or concrete areas, like driveways, where a gravel trench to intercept the water is not feasible. The professionals at InsideOut are your drainage experts and can offer the right solution for your property.

Interceptor drain cost

The cost of an interceptor drain depends on multiple factors:

  • The location of the drain. 
  • The construction of the drain. 
  • the size of the drain. 
  • Materials used. 
  • Removal of excavated material.

You may also need to consider if:

  • Structures need to be removed and replaced. 
  • Paved or Concrete areas need to be excavated. 
  • Land shaping or a swale is required. 
  • Access to the location of drain is impeded or restricted.

The cost of leaving water issues unresolved and far outweigh the cost of a professionally installed drainage system. At InsideOut our team has years of experience in solving these problems; trust us to design the solution for you.

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