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Is your yard constantly wet and full of moss preventing you from fully enjoying your property?

One solution may be to have a French drain installed.

A French drain is simple in its design. A combination of rocks and pipe collect water and redirect it to another area of your property.
InsideOut assesses your property to ensure that the drain we design for you is sized properly and contains the correct class and volume of gravel as well as the appropriate drainage pipe to keep your yard dry for years to come.

What is a French drain?

A French drain is a drain used in scenarios when you want to dry out an area on your property and an open ditch is not feasible or aesthetically appealing. A French drain is designed to enable the flow of water using a combination of rock and pipe. This type of drain has two functions; it can take in water as well as transport it. The drain allows water to be taken in through the top of the drain and through the sides. The water travels through drainage stone and pipe to the appointed output location in your yard. A French drain can help keep your property dry and can be designed to be tastefully incorporated into your landscaping. InsideOut has years of experience designing and installing French drains for our customers. Trust us with your water drainage needs and a French drain which is right for you.

How to install a French drain system

A French drain is used to catch and transport water from one area of your yard to another location, when areas of your lawn are wet, preventing it from use. To install a French drain, location of the drain needs to be decided. As a French drain works using gravity, it needs to be positioned appropriately on your property for it to work effectively. Once location is determined, a trench is excavated and pipe and drainage stone is installed. The experts at InsideOut will work with you to ensure your French drain is installed using the proper materials- pipe, drainage stone and geotextile fabric- to prevent water from collecting on your lawn.

Will a French drain prevent water in a basement?

A French drain can be used to intercept water and transport it away from your home. If a French drain is used in conjunction with a good working weeping tile system it can help with keeping your basement dry. The French drain redirects water away from your home and reduces the amount of ground water and surface water which may find its way into your basement. So where a French drain may not solve your basement water issues, it may help in certain circumstances. The InsideOut team has the experience and expertise to recommend the best water prevention solution specific to your needs. To learn more about our waterproofing services please check out weeping tile systems, waterproofing and crack sealing for more information.

How long does a French drain last?

A French drain when installed properly and maintained can last 30+ years, but what does this mean? Proper installation: • Sized right • Proper drainage stone- size and type. • Sloped properly, works by gravity. Proper maintenance (exposed drain only): Keeping the top of French drain clear of debris, such as: • Leaves • Branches • Grass clippings Unfortunately, once a French drain is clogged and is no longer functioning it cannot be cleaned and needs to be replaced. When silt collects in the drainage pipe and in the drainage stone water is no longer able to pass through the stone or the pipe and will collect instead of draining. InsideOut can asses the current condition of your existing French drain or your need for a new one and provide a no obligation free quote for a solution designed right for you.

How much does a French drain cost?

Installing a French drain involves excavation and removal of material. It also involves installing new material such as: drainage pipe, drainage stone and geotextile fabric.The cost of installing a French Drain can depend on many factors, such as:

Size of the French drain needed:

  • Amount of pipe
  • Amount of drainage stone
  • Amount of geotextile fabric
  • Size of area to be excavated
  • Amount of excavated material to be removed off site

Access to area:

  • Time in labour and machine time
  • Removal/replacement of structures
  • Size of machine which can the access area (small or tight spaces use smaller machines)

Location /position of the drain:

  • Land shaping required to achieve desired slope for the French drain to function

InsideOut can design your French drain and also provide any land shaping services to aid you in fixing your water issues. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote to see how we can help.

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