Foundation Crack Sealing

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Cracks or holes in your foundation?

These can allow moisture to seep into insulation and wall/floor materials.

Apart from contributing to mold and mildew in your house this can also result in rotted wood in a finished basement costing thousands of dollars in repairs.
InsideOut can seal your foundation’s cracks with a variety of different products to ensure your basement stays dry and mold free. Combine this with one of our waterproofing options for the ultimate in water protection.

How to seal exterior foundation cracks

If you have water in your house it may be due to cracks in your foundation. When cracks are identified in the exterior of your foundation, you want to ensure they are addressed properly.

The foundation will need to be excavated if not already exposed in order to perform the repair. The crack should be cleaned prior to sealing. It’s important to use quality products that will seal the crack properly with a compound which won’t dry out or shrink. It is also recommended to pair the sealant with a waterproofing product such as rubber membrane or dimple board. Trust the professionals at InsideOut to provide a solution to your water problem. They will ensure only quality products are used to keep water out and your home dry.

Best way to seal foundation cracks

The best way to approach existing cracks in your foundation is from the outside when possible. Tackling the cracks from the exterior is better as it stops water before it enters your home or foundation, preventing water from damaging your walls or the interior of your home.

In cases where your basement is finished, approaching the crack from the exterior means that it can stay finished. If left untreated, water could potentially pool in the foundation cracks and freeze in colder weather, causing more damage and deterioration of your foundation wall.  

In addition, using quality products to fix the crack is imperative. Using the proper sealant, paired with a waterproofing membrane may mean the difference between your problem being fixed for now or fixed for good. At InsideOut, we are committed to doing the job right the first time, and use quality sealant products that don’t dry out and shrink or crack, to prevent your water issue from reoccurring.


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