Drainage Solutions


french drain instsallation project

We regraded an area by the house and installed a French drain at this property to dry out the backyard. Sloping the lawn away from the house to the drain and positioning the drain at the base of a hill enabled us to capture the water and drain it to a another location on the property.

interceptor drain installation project

Keeping the property dry was the purpose of installing this interceptor drain behind the client`s garage and along the tree line. This caught the surface and ground water before it had a chance to flood the yard.

outdoor drainage system installation

Groundwater collected around this in ground pool. The water got behind the liner causing it to float. During the exploratory excavation a fair amount of drainage stone was found around the pool. Our solution was to install a drain from the pool to a lower spot on the property preventing future groundwater from building up around the outside of the pool.

basement crack sealing and waterproofing project

This client contacted us when he had water seeping into his basement through a crack in the foundation and along the floor slab. We fixed the crack by sealing it with a non shrinking hydraulic cement and then covering it with a rubber membrane. We then put in a new weeping tile system along the perimeter of the house which entailed excavating around the foundation and installing new drainage pipe in a bed of new stone.

weeping tile system installation project

A plugged weeping tile system resulted in water entering the basement at this customer`s home. Not only was the pipe full of sediment but so was the minimal stone surrounding it. We reinstalled a section of the weeping tile along the footing where it was wet and excavated a new trench for the water to drain to the front of the property.

box drain installation project

The driveway at this client`s residence washed out due to rain water pouring down the sloped surface. We custom made a larger than normal box drain and installed it at the top of the driveway to capture the large volume of water before it could do damage.

interceptor drain installation project

Large pipe isn't always for commercial projects. It is also used in residential applications where water volume dictates a bigger pipe. There was a hill behind this customer`s house that provided substantial water run off onto the property, washing out the driveway. We installed an interceptor drain at the bottom of the hill and directed the water through a pipe and into the ditch in front of the house.

catch basin and drain pipes

Adding some additional housing units resulted in this client needing a larger parking area. We provided and installed the necessary catch basins and pipes needed for this project and tied them into the city storm drain.

foundation crack sealing project

This customer had a horizontal crack in their foundation. We filled the crack, installed dimple board on that side of the house and placed several yards of drainage stone along the footing.