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A ditch is the simplest form of drain which allows for the highest volume of water to pass through it.

Ditches are used in instances where an open drain does not cause a safety hazard and when the aesthetics of a French drain is not needed.
A culvert is essentially a large drainage pipe which is installed under a driveway, road or trail enabling the flow of water to pass through or under a structure. Culverts can be installed with head walls which help prevent erosion around the pipe and provide stability.
InsideOut can install a new culvert or ditch as well as provide maintenance on existing ditches where overgrowth may be impeding water flow.

How to install a culvert pipe

A culvert is typically used under a driveway or a trail to allow transport over a ditch while enabling water to pass underneath it. Installation involves excavation of a trench to ensure proper placement of the culvert. Once the culvert is correctly placed it needs to be backfilled to secure it. Culverts can be constructed of galvanized steel, concrete or pvc. It is important to make sure the culvert installed is the right size so it can manage the amount of water flow that will pass through it. InsideOut can excavate for the placement of a culvert or install a culvert in an existing ditch.

Cost to install driveway culvert

The cost to install a culvert in your driveway is dependent on a few factors, such as:

  • Permit requirement
  • Length of culvert to be installed
  • Type of culvert- pvc, galvanized steel or concrete
  • Amount of gravel need for backfill and bedding
  • Head walls – type and size
  • Removal of debris or old material in instances where culvert is being replaced

InsideOut can source and install the right type and size of culvert for you.

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