Box Drains

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This product is used when a French drain or other similar system isn’t practical such as in a driveway.

A box drain is often installed in front of a garage door where the slope of the driveway directs water towards the home. These may also be installed in paver or concrete patios where proper drainage slopes cannot be achieved.
The box drain functions by collecting surface water and transporting it to a different location away from the structure.

Box Drain Design

A box drain is often used in areas to intercept water before it reaches a building. You may have seen a box drain employed at the bottom of a sloped driveway, or in front of a garage. In this scenario, the water which runs down the driveway towards the home is caught and directed away, preventing the water from entering the building.

A box drain is typically three sided with a grated top. The grated top catches the water and transports it to another location away from your home. These drains are used when using gravel to drain the water is not feasible, such as in concrete or paved areas like driveways, pool decks, or paver patios. InsideOut installs readily available pre-made box drains, or we can custom build and install a box drain to suit your water drainage needs.

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