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In addition to crack sealing, waterproofing your foundation is one of the best defenses against a wet basement.

This would usually entail excavating to expose the crack and pressure washing the surrounding area. The crack is then sealed and a waterproofing membrane or dimple board is installed on the foundation wall.
A rubber membrane product will flex and expand with the crack allowing for protection should the foundation move or settle in the future. In instances where a rubber membrane will not affix properly to a foundation wall with an irregular surface, a dimple board product is utilized.
Many customers will have us install a waterproofing product when we are constructing a weeping tile system and the foundation is already exposed during the excavation process.

How to waterproof a basement

When dealing with water in your basement it’s best to tackle the problem from the outside when possible. It is better to stop the water on the outside of the foundation before it enters your home. In waterproofing your home InsideOut uses products such as a rubber membrane which prevents water from penetrating the foundation wall, and dimple board which allows any water that collects to drain to the weeping tile.

We use these products as opposed to other common solutions such as tar which can dry out and crack causing your water issue to reoccur. Application of a rubber membrane and/or dimple board typically requires excavation around the foundation unless you are installing them during new construction. Don't pay to cover up the visible symptoms of water leads, ensure your water problem is solved the first time by enlisting the professional services of InsideOut.

Exterior basement waterproofing

To prevent future water issues it is always recommended to install waterproofing such as a rubber membrane or dimple board on a new foundation as the walls are already exposed. If your foundation is not new InsideOut can excavate around your home to expose it and apply the best product to solve your water problem.

Should any cracks exist in the foundation they should be well sealed, which we do by filling the crack with a compound which does not shrink, crack or dry out. Once the cracks have been addressed the recommended product to solve your water problem is installed on the foundation wall, protecting your home by preventing water entering through the barrier and allowing it to drain instead into your weeping tile system.

InsideOut will asses your exterior waterproofing needs and ensure the appropriate fix is applied to keep your home dry. For more information on weeping tile systems click here

Interior basement waterproofing

Similar to exterior waterproofing, the first step is to identify and seal any cracks in the foundation walls. This is done from the inside with a product that doesn’t dry out, crack or shrink. When you waterproof from the inside, the application of dimple board ensures that any water that manages to make its way into your home, flows into an interior weeping tile system which can include a sump pump if drainage outside the home is not possible.

It is always best to approach a water issue from the exterior, but the professionals at InsideOut know that isn’t always possible due to nearby structures, expansive decks or other obstacles. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best solution, tailored to your waterproofing needs. For more information on weeping tile systems click here

Basement waterproofing cost

How do you price peace of mind in knowing your home is dry and free of mould and mildew? The cost of waterproofing your basement will depend on various things:

  • The square footage of the space to waterproofed.
  • The product you select for waterproofing.
  • If excavation of the exterior walls is needed or if the foundation is already exposed.
  • Whether it’s interior or exterior waterproofing.
  • If crack filling/repair needs to be done.

The cost of leaving water problems unaddressed can far outweigh the cost of repair. Solving the water dilemma ensures your home maintains its value and protects your investment. Our professionals provide free estimates and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the work to be performed and the cost of the solution designed for you.


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